1. Introduction 

CASSIDA processes personal data in accordance with the Austrian data protection law (Datenschutzgesetz 2000 (DSG 2000) Austrian Federal Law Gazette part I No. 165/1999). It aims to ensure the privacy and security of each visitor’s personal data when accessing its website (www.cassidashop.com). Unless otherwise specified, this policy is also to be understood as providing the conditions for the processing of personal data to all those who interact with the services offered by the website. It should be noted that this privacy statement concerns this website only and does not refer to any other websites that the visitor might visit by clicking on links embedded in this website.

2. Type of data processed

The website offers informative content. During normal operation, the computer systems and software used to run this website collect personal data for the purposes of requesting information from CASSIDA. Email addresses are retained for marketing purposes only and are not passed to any third parties.

3. Ways that data are processed

The processing of personal data is carried out through electronic procedures and only for the shortest time necessary to achieve the purpose for which the data have been collected (requesting information about CASSIDA products and sales).

4. Links to third-party websites

This website includes links to other websites (Google maps, for example). CASSIDA does not claim responsibility for the management of personal data by these third-party sites and the management of authentication credentials provided by these third parties.

5. Rights of data subjects

The visitors whose personal data is processed on this website (the so-called “data subjects”) have the right to know what data CASSIDA collects, the reason for the collection of this data and how it is processed. In order to exercise these rights or report any problems, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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